Skull and Shackles

(093018) Updated the Crew List Again

Both the Excel file and wiki page are now corrected.

Crew manifest.

Excel file.

Seems we’re at 58 crew.

I’ve also migrated all of the equipment from the Ship page to the Loot Manifest.

(091918) Crew Manifest

Updated the crew manifest.

Counts are off. I’ll take a look later.

I made an Excel file.

Also, we’re over 40 crew.

Letter To a Beloved [Jekkar Letter I]

*Dearest Zufia,

Once again my travels take me a different port, a different ship. The Glistening Arrow, my home for the past couple months, unfortunately had a breakout of the plague, I was only one of twenty that survived this scourge. Seeing these men die in such unfortunate circumstances reminded of the life that I wholeheartedly wish I could’ve spent with you, a quiet one with a farm to attend to.

However, my next port of call harbors an interesting opportunity. My travels ended me up in a tavern where I met a charismatic gnome, Master Shortstone, who was seeking new hands for the Forlorn Hope. I must’ve attracted the bards eye among the crowd for it wasn’t long that we had a joyous conversation. In the end, my new berth is onboard this vessel.

Do you remember the time when we visited the port at Quent together and we saw the mixed band of dwarves and undine? The same feeling, that I had with that bunch, is the same I have for this crew. It is expected to see as such a diverse crew as in the finest ports, but never would I have expected such variety; they even have a merfolk on board. If the rumors I heard among the crew are to be true, then it is in my best interest to follow this course.

It is hard to explain…but my intuition tells me that this could be my best chance to impress your father. My darling, I have to prove myself to him, it is the only way that you and I can be together. I do not have great love for many things in this world, but you are my anchor, my north star. While I do not pray, I will nevertheless hope this comes to you.

I will write to you as soon as I can. The Forlorn Hope will set sail for future harbors on the way to our destination and I will do my utmost to have this delivered to you.

Forever yours,

Lost manifest

After her promotion Naia couldn’t help but feel the numbers just weren’t adding up. It wasn’t until she found a poorly scrawled note tucked sideways in the door sill that it all made sense, written on it was:

2000 GP Black Pearl Necklace
1500 Gold & Deep Platnum – invaluable to Aquatics
3000 GP in Gems
6100 Gold

With this information it was now possible to give appropriate answers about the ships wealth, rather than a rough estimate based on what had been accounted for.

Loot Manifest

Ramul: Updated the Crew Manifest

The Crew Manifest has been updated.

A cleric's duty

Naia felt it was her responsibility to lay Hearthstone to rest, mostly to make sure the crude beast would never return. After carefully preserving the body with an assortment of spells to ward of undeath and ensure proper decay, Naia went to cleanse herself and saw a very uncomfortable smile staring back at her in the mirror. “Is it wrong to be filled with joy at her demise? Truly Pharasma would stay neutral, neither delighted nor pained by this death. How could I let the death of others move me so much, first loathing Hearthstone for her murderous ways, then delighting over her destruction? Surely I have let my emotions get the better of me, death is but a natural occurrence of this plane and I should remain neutral as I have been taught.” She then left the body in the care of Sandara to further reflect on her faith and role. When she returned she had on a mantle of stoicism, that all should be laid to rest as equals and should treat this death in the same manner. The ceremony that followed was flawless, as if Pharasma herself was there leading Hearthstone to the outer planes. Naia then quietly went on with the tasks required of her, as if nothing had happened.

Ramul: Crew Updates

Awarded an bonus for adding all of the crew to Obsidian. And naming them.

In over her head.
Naia: log 2

Was this really the adventure I was looking for? Did Father and Mother really put up with these swine at sea? I’ve learned to accept the smell (I fear I’m the only one here who knows how to bathe), but the mindless killing is getting to be much. Clearly it is my destiny to be here though, for if I wasn’t here who would send all these poor souls on their way? For instance, that Hearthstone beast decided to take her anger out on that poor old man, anger that was clearly misdirected. The only help she’ll get from me is helping her on her way out of this world, when she inevitably takes her anger out on something much stronger than herself. The captain of this vessel isn’t much of a saint either, pillaging random ports of their hard work and livelihood, even their people. At least he has the heart to leave most of them alive and with something to sustain themselves. Thankfully I’m not the only one around here who seeks a higher power, Sandara proves a helping hand when those are in need, and Crimson shares my beliefs and traditions (although a bit rough around the edges). I’m hoping something comes of this awful voyage, for now though it seems I’m stuck and will do my best to help those in need of faith and healing.

Hearthstone 2





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