Skull and Shackles

Ramul: Captaining

What does it mean to be a Captain of ship?

It’s a question I’ve never thought of asking before. It was a question that never needed an answer. I barely ever thought about ships or the sea. To think about sailing a ship on water is similar to paying mind to the sun while living underground where the sun doesn’t shine.

I met one Captain before my time on the Wormwood. She was respected and fair. Leadership and the sea came easy to her. I don’t think her and I are much alike.

At the monastery, there were elders and masters. Their respect was earned by some, but for the youngest of us, it was just expected. The masters were respected, and that was it. They taught some, and advised more, but often did nothing but maintain a presence. Life on a vessels of criminals and social deviants does not work that way.

It is only by forming bonds and comradery, I was able to reach this level of respect. I take it with some reluctance, but also with honor and humility. These people have entrusted me to lead them, so, I will accept that burden.

Herrigan will surely be coming after us for reasons he can only see as treachery and mutinous. We will have to face him eventually. May the Wheel of Kharma show mercy on our actions.



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