Skull and Shackles

Vaneet's Wormwood Journal Entry 5

Much has happened since my last entry. The wormwood took over a merchant vessel. It was violent, bloody and savage. The captain and quartermaster took far too much joy in conquering the livelihood of others. When the ship was taken, I was selected to join the skeleton crew charged with delivering the ship to port in order to be sold. Thus concluded our time on the Wormwood for Franceen and I.

There is clearly something stirring beneath the surface. Scourge and Plug have their own dark intentions. For this new ship, its cargo and the souls on board. The days are long and the blood runs freely. Loyalty is ever shifting and intentions darken with each passing glance. This is not a safe place for Franceen and I. Escape is still not an option, but freedom and survival remain the only priorities.

En route to port we encountered a vicious storm which severely damaged the ship. The ship was attached by a tribe of Grindylow. They came and left swiftly, and while doing so took Sandara and Tilli. Their lives were immediately dismissed by the captain and other officers.

Several of us were tasked with going ashore to fetch clean water. Will this present an opportunity for freedom? Time will tell, but if nothing else it will provide a brief respite in the constant danger of life aboard a ship of endless foes and suffering.



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