Skull and Shackles

Vaneet's Wormwood Journal Final Entry

Vaneet's Wormwood Journal Final Entry (6)

The island was far from peaceful and it was severely worse than a hand full of Grindylow.
A vessel transporting undead came upon this land and has forever altered it. The creatures and people here have been contaminated by death and now seeks to destroy all life they encounter.
This band of degenerates, Franceen and I were fortunate to make it out alive.
Fortunately we were able to rescue Tilli and Sandara. They have been friendly and having them around to watch our backs offers a certain level of reassurance.
When we returned to the ship, Scourge and Plugg were waiting for us. As many of us suspected, they meant to have us killed. They stowed those loyal to us below deck and sought to claim our lives as we approached the ship. We were able to hold our own and even put an end to Plugg. Scourge escaped, but is unlikely to last long on that island. Time will tell if we see the last of him, along with all the other horrors of that place.
We have now found ourselves unexpectedly free from our oppressors. However, there is much to decide. For the time being we will be our own crew and live a life of piracy. We will spend some time here at port to refurbish and upgrade our new ship.
For the time being at least, peace has come and we can breathe easy knowing there are more friends than enemies here.



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