Skull and Shackles

In over her head.
Naia: log 2

Was this really the adventure I was looking for? Did Father and Mother really put up with these swine at sea? I’ve learned to accept the smell (I fear I’m the only one here who knows how to bathe), but the mindless killing is getting to be much. Clearly it is my destiny to be here though, for if I wasn’t here who would send all these poor souls on their way? For instance, that Hearthstone beast decided to take her anger out on that poor old man, anger that was clearly misdirected. The only help she’ll get from me is helping her on her way out of this world, when she inevitably takes her anger out on something much stronger than herself. The captain of this vessel isn’t much of a saint either, pillaging random ports of their hard work and livelihood, even their people. At least he has the heart to leave most of them alive and with something to sustain themselves. Thankfully I’m not the only one around here who seeks a higher power, Sandara proves a helping hand when those are in need, and Crimson shares my beliefs and traditions (although a bit rough around the edges). I’m hoping something comes of this awful voyage, for now though it seems I’m stuck and will do my best to help those in need of faith and healing.

Hearthstone 2




Naia's Origin
Post 1

Raised in the City of Sothis, Naia lived alone with her father Gareth, a charismatic fisherman with endless tales of the sea. One of these tales involve a terrible storm that cast him adrift far south into the open sea where he encountered a ghost ship, being a man of faith he called out to Pharasma to protect him from the undead legion bearing down on him. It was at this moment that an angel with burning hair and metallic wings descended upon the ghost ship and cast it out in a burst of light. The angel approached him and said she heard his call for help whilst nearby. He thanked her and wished to return his gratitude in any way. She asked first for his name and in return declared herself as Nuria. As it turns out she had gotten lost because she was unfamiliar with Golarion and it’s geography, so Gareth having lived under the stars guidence all his life near and on the sea offered to join her travels. In all reality though she may have had the power to find her way on her own, but had been alone for what seemed like eons trapped on this plane and Gareth was not an unsightly man, in fact he was quite the opposite. After a while and many adventurous tales later the two had a child together, unfortunately this family was not meant to last. Shortly after Nais birth Nuria’s bindings to this plane were finally broken and to Gareth’s surprise she vanished, her lasts words being “I couldn’t let you worry about the short time we’d have together but I wanted you to have something to remember me by and know I’ll always love you.” Gareth returned home knowing the sea was no place for a newborn child and took on his old career as a fisherman. There in Sothis Naia quickly learned the tasks of a fisherman, never wanting to leave her father’s side always wanting to hear tales about her mother, in return she helped him catch fish to sell at market. However as the years past his age and past wounds were quickly catching up with him. Fearing the loss of her father Naia joined the church of Pharasma to learn the ways of healing and water to keep up his health and ease the burden of his work. Unfortunately the life of a human seldom lasts long, so Gareth eventually died a very old and happy man. Now alone Naia took on the tasks set forth by the church and decided she would follow her parents footsteps and go on a journey of her own. Eventually making her way to the shackles on a merchant ship that was in for a surprise.

Ramul: Post 5

I have changed in many ways over the last few months. Life is erratic and unpredictable. I’ve never before experienced such freedom, nor have I ever felt so trapped. I have found that I have been neglecting my monastic training. If I am going to survive these times at sea, I will need to begin practicing once more.

Travis needs to roll a save

It’s for some curse or something. For day 4.

Sea hag to be precise

Tali Thyme

This is my crap post.


Scorpionfish Tali

Unglar - Good week

This was a good week. Got the eye of Irori tattooed on my face. Currently looking for a student.

Ramul: Captaining

What does it mean to be a Captain of ship?

It’s a question I’ve never thought of asking before. It was a question that never needed an answer. I barely ever thought about ships or the sea. To think about sailing a ship on water is similar to paying mind to the sun while living underground where the sun doesn’t shine.

I met one Captain before my time on the Wormwood. She was respected and fair. Leadership and the sea came easy to her. I don’t think her and I are much alike.

At the monastery, there were elders and masters. Their respect was earned by some, but for the youngest of us, it was just expected. The masters were respected, and that was it. They taught some, and advised more, but often did nothing but maintain a presence. Life on a vessels of criminals and social deviants does not work that way.

It is only by forming bonds and comradery, I was able to reach this level of respect. I take it with some reluctance, but also with honor and humility. These people have entrusted me to lead them, so, I will accept that burden.

Herrigan will surely be coming after us for reasons he can only see as treachery and mutinous. We will have to face him eventually. May the Wheel of Kharma show mercy on our actions.

Vaneet's Wormwood Journal Final Entry
Vaneet's Wormwood Journal Final Entry (6)

The island was far from peaceful and it was severely worse than a hand full of Grindylow.
A vessel transporting undead came upon this land and has forever altered it. The creatures and people here have been contaminated by death and now seeks to destroy all life they encounter.
This band of degenerates, Franceen and I were fortunate to make it out alive.
Fortunately we were able to rescue Tilli and Sandara. They have been friendly and having them around to watch our backs offers a certain level of reassurance.
When we returned to the ship, Scourge and Plugg were waiting for us. As many of us suspected, they meant to have us killed. They stowed those loyal to us below deck and sought to claim our lives as we approached the ship. We were able to hold our own and even put an end to Plugg. Scourge escaped, but is unlikely to last long on that island. Time will tell if we see the last of him, along with all the other horrors of that place.
We have now found ourselves unexpectedly free from our oppressors. However, there is much to decide. For the time being we will be our own crew and live a life of piracy. We will spend some time here at port to refurbish and upgrade our new ship.
For the time being at least, peace has come and we can breathe easy knowing there are more friends than enemies here.


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