Skull and Shackles

Travis needs to roll a save

It’s for some curse or something. For day 4.

Sea hag to be precise

Tali Thyme

This is my crap post.


Scorpionfish Tali

Unglar - Good week

This was a good week. Got the eye of Irori tattooed on my face. Currently looking for a student.

Ramul: Captaining

What does it mean to be a Captain of ship?

It’s a question I’ve never thought of asking before. It was a question that never needed an answer. I barely ever thought about ships or the sea. To think about sailing a ship on water is similar to paying mind to the sun while living underground where the sun doesn’t shine.

I met one Captain before my time on the Wormwood. She was respected and fair. Leadership and the sea came easy to her. I don’t think her and I are much alike.

At the monastery, there were elders and masters. Their respect was earned by some, but for the youngest of us, it was just expected. The masters were respected, and that was it. They taught some, and advised more, but often did nothing but maintain a presence. Life on a vessels of criminals and social deviants does not work that way.

It is only by forming bonds and comradery, I was able to reach this level of respect. I take it with some reluctance, but also with honor and humility. These people have entrusted me to lead them, so, I will accept that burden.

Herrigan will surely be coming after us for reasons he can only see as treachery and mutinous. We will have to face him eventually. May the Wheel of Kharma show mercy on our actions.

Vaneet's Wormwood Journal Final Entry
Vaneet's Wormwood Journal Final Entry (6)

The island was far from peaceful and it was severely worse than a hand full of Grindylow.
A vessel transporting undead came upon this land and has forever altered it. The creatures and people here have been contaminated by death and now seeks to destroy all life they encounter.
This band of degenerates, Franceen and I were fortunate to make it out alive.
Fortunately we were able to rescue Tilli and Sandara. They have been friendly and having them around to watch our backs offers a certain level of reassurance.
When we returned to the ship, Scourge and Plugg were waiting for us. As many of us suspected, they meant to have us killed. They stowed those loyal to us below deck and sought to claim our lives as we approached the ship. We were able to hold our own and even put an end to Plugg. Scourge escaped, but is unlikely to last long on that island. Time will tell if we see the last of him, along with all the other horrors of that place.
We have now found ourselves unexpectedly free from our oppressors. However, there is much to decide. For the time being we will be our own crew and live a life of piracy. We will spend some time here at port to refurbish and upgrade our new ship.
For the time being at least, peace has come and we can breathe easy knowing there are more friends than enemies here.

Vaneet's Wormwood Journal Entry 5

Much has happened since my last entry. The wormwood took over a merchant vessel. It was violent, bloody and savage. The captain and quartermaster took far too much joy in conquering the livelihood of others. When the ship was taken, I was selected to join the skeleton crew charged with delivering the ship to port in order to be sold. Thus concluded our time on the Wormwood for Franceen and I.

There is clearly something stirring beneath the surface. Scourge and Plug have their own dark intentions. For this new ship, its cargo and the souls on board. The days are long and the blood runs freely. Loyalty is ever shifting and intentions darken with each passing glance. This is not a safe place for Franceen and I. Escape is still not an option, but freedom and survival remain the only priorities.

En route to port we encountered a vicious storm which severely damaged the ship. The ship was attached by a tribe of Grindylow. They came and left swiftly, and while doing so took Sandara and Tilli. Their lives were immediately dismissed by the captain and other officers.

Several of us were tasked with going ashore to fetch clean water. Will this present an opportunity for freedom? Time will tell, but if nothing else it will provide a brief respite in the constant danger of life aboard a ship of endless foes and suffering.

Tali-ing Up
aka - Is Tali Truly a Quartermaster Now?


We now have a ship. Ramul is our captain. Vaneet is our navigator.

And I, Tali, am now our ship’s Quartermaster.

It is a duty I initially aimed to refuse. After all, in the pirate world, a quartermaster holds a high rank and a great deal of responsibility. And how can such a new pirate (indeed, to consider myself a pirate and be considered a pirate is still such a novelty) take on this task?

However, considering my heritage as Ratfolk, it makes sense. We Ratfolk have long been known as tenders, keepers, guardians, and yes — hoarders. I am fulfilling my destiny as a pirate and as a Ratfolk being.


Ramul: Dogma

We inhabbit vessels which carry our contiousnous. They are our extention to the world around us and to others. Th body is a home to the spirit, and as such, we should do our best to keep the body healthy. A disciplined mind leads to a healthy body.

We are all moving spirits, interacting with oneanother. Be friendly and helpful to those in your community, and they will have reason to return the favor. Kharma is receiving back what we give to the world.

All actions should have a reason. Without a reason, an action serves no purpose. To take a life without meaning is a sin, and will be returned back through kharma. To feed yourself or for self defense are acceptable, and with just cause, many things can be reasonable. Cruelty and malevolence are not.

Ramul: Ramul's Story

The air smells of salt and spice. Even boxed, the contents are aromatic. It’s been three days at sea to Port Peril. Manaket and the sands of Rahadoum have nothing left for me.

Father was a being of water and magic. Mother hid me away for that. I was not meant to walk among men. There was a temple in the desert that was once lush and fertile, but now was merely a godless house where monks trained to be there physical best. The temple was accepting as anywhere could be for those like me. The fed me and provided shelter, so long as I could work. I could tell I was secondary, not allowed to train with or meditate with the students. But it was a life of moderate acceptance for which I was grateful. And I picked up some basic forms from watching them in my spare time. We stayed there at the temple for many years. But being mortal in a land where the Gods neglect, she had taken on a harsh sickness. Inevitably, she died.

After mother’s death, I made my way to the coast. Upon entering Manaket, I could tell why she tried to protect me. I only spent a few months there working at the dock before catching a ride to Botosani. The people there were better, but it was still mostly the same. I needed to leave.

Merchant ships will hire fast, but I know not where my future is. Many of these sailors are just like those from my entire life: untrusting, suspicious and hateful. From Port Peril, I can make it to just about anywhere.

Dos Bribes

I brought delicious Werther’s Originals.


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