Skull and Shackles

Naia's Origin

Post 1

Raised in the City of Sothis, Naia lived alone with her father Gareth, a charismatic fisherman with endless tales of the sea. One of these tales involve a terrible storm that cast him adrift far south into the open sea where he encountered a ghost ship, being a man of faith he called out to Pharasma to protect him from the undead legion bearing down on him. It was at this moment that an angel with burning hair and metallic wings descended upon the ghost ship and cast it out in a burst of light. The angel approached him and said she heard his call for help whilst nearby. He thanked her and wished to return his gratitude in any way. She asked first for his name and in return declared herself as Nuria. As it turns out she had gotten lost because she was unfamiliar with Golarion and it’s geography, so Gareth having lived under the stars guidence all his life near and on the sea offered to join her travels. In all reality though she may have had the power to find her way on her own, but had been alone for what seemed like eons trapped on this plane and Gareth was not an unsightly man, in fact he was quite the opposite. After a while and many adventurous tales later the two had a child together, unfortunately this family was not meant to last. Shortly after Nais birth Nuria’s bindings to this plane were finally broken and to Gareth’s surprise she vanished, her lasts words being “I couldn’t let you worry about the short time we’d have together but I wanted you to have something to remember me by and know I’ll always love you.” Gareth returned home knowing the sea was no place for a newborn child and took on his old career as a fisherman. There in Sothis Naia quickly learned the tasks of a fisherman, never wanting to leave her father’s side always wanting to hear tales about her mother, in return she helped him catch fish to sell at market. However as the years past his age and past wounds were quickly catching up with him. Fearing the loss of her father Naia joined the church of Pharasma to learn the ways of healing and water to keep up his health and ease the burden of his work. Unfortunately the life of a human seldom lasts long, so Gareth eventually died a very old and happy man. Now alone Naia took on the tasks set forth by the church and decided she would follow her parents footsteps and go on a journey of her own. Eventually making her way to the shackles on a merchant ship that was in for a surprise.



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